Notice is hereby given to all electronic signal providers.
If you produce or transmit any type of electronic signal or radio wave you will be the (renter)

The owner of this property forbids the transmission of any type of wireless signal's onto this
property without prior written consent. This includes but not limited to AM RADIO, FM RADIO, UHF
TV, VHF TV, SATELLITE TV, CITIZEN BAND, CELL SIGNAL, and all other ECT. By transmitting any
electronic signal onto this property without prior written consent you are on notice of unlawful
trespassing and agree to pay the land owner or lessee a rental fee of $2.00 per square foot of
land that your signal occupies. If you are currently have a signal trespassing on my land you
must stop immediately. By not removing you transmission of electronic signal you grant the right
of use to said signal to property owner or lessee and agree and consent to compensate the
property owner or lessee at the above listed rates. There will be a two year minimum commitment
for signal generator (renter) with a $25.00 per square foot early termination fee for any signal
stopped early during the contract period. This space rental contract will automatically renew if
renter does not notify the property owner and remove any transmission of electronic signal no
sooner than 45 day or later than 30 days prior to discontinuance of said signal. Payment is due
on the first of each month. A late fee of 18% per year shall be added to any late payment.
Electronic Signal generator (Renter) also agrees to pay owner or lessee the cost of equipment
and man hours for the detection of unlawfully electronic transmissions if their signal can be
detected on owners or lessee land. By the use of directional antennas and focused spot beams you
can and must halt all signals immediately. Any failure to do so grants the owner or lessee the
right to payment for theft of use of their land use without consent. This contract only will
allow for electronic signals and does not grant the renter any physical access to owner's or
lessee property. If you want to transmit to more than ten acres you my qualify for a special
rate of $1.00 per square foot. All requests must be in writing and approved before any
transmission of signal. Special easements may be given for hard wired signals to cross owners or
lessee property without any fees due, providing no measureable signal can be detected within 15
feet of wires.